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Our mission is to make South East Port of Spain Secondary School a Hallmark of quality Education.


Our vision is to keep South East Port of Spain Secondary School committed to fostering a positive school climate which will facilitate the holistic development of its students and thus enabling all stakeholders to contribute effectively in a rapidly changing global environment.


South East POS Secondary School is located in the capital city Port of Spain in the island of Trinidad, the bigger island of the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The school opened in January 1963 upstairs at the Royal Victoria Institute (now the National Museum) with just four (4) teachers and an enrolment of 105. It was the first school to be opened after the country gained independence and thus the colors of the uniform were chosen to reflect the colors of the National flag. Later in September 1964, the school moved to its present location at 25 Nelson street Port of Spain. Presently the school has 750 students and a staff of 73 teachers.

Nelson Street is on the Eastern side of Port of Spain that has as its focus, poverty and criminal activities.

The school serves the dual role as:

  1. A sanctuary, where for a brief moment, students can relax in the shelter provided by the walls of the school and leave the uncertain environment on the outside.
  2. A direct way to escape, through educational elevation, the horrors of the life provided by this environment .

For being the best kept secret on the eastern side of Port of Spain, the school has been tagged with the name EASTERN GEMS.


Our Values

Civic Mindedness





Critical Thinking



Lifelong Learning




We are gems, we can shine, we just have to make a try.

Great South East the gem of the eastern sky.

Nihil Sine Labore pressing on and gaining more.

Great South East we can work hard to achieve the prize.

We excel when we’re at play overcoming foes in every way.

Great South East to our School we bring great pride.

We proudly wear wine, gold and white achieving goals reaching new heights.

Great South East our limit is the sky.

Great South East we work hard to achieve the prize.

Great South East to our School we bring great pride.


The Prayer

Praise be to you, Almighty God, Creator of the Universe and all that is in it

We thank you, O Father, for the opportunity which you are giving us to increase our knowledge

May your divine grace enable us to study hard and use what we learn for the good of our fellow citizens

We pray that you will free us from Selfishness, lust, greed, anger and hatred.

Warm us hearts with love, fill our minds with understanding and strengthen our will in the face of all difficulties

Help us, O Father, to make our beloved country of Trinidad and Tobago the kind of place you want it to be:

  • a place where human dignity is respected
  • where equal rights are accorded to all citizens
  • where hard-work is encouraged and rewarded
  • and where You O God, reign supreme